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Anxiety is something many of us battle on a daily basis. Most “tough guys” (and gals) are too afraid to admit it’s an issue, but chances are the toughest among us likely experience it the worst.

I think it’s important to mention that this post comes from my journal from back in October. I wrote it shortly after I had repented and was VERY new to life in faith.

Today, anxiety made a lengthy visit. It was the type of anxiety that used to rule my days often. Writing, being an important outlet for me, lead me to skim through my journal to see what I could share.

It didn’t take long to land on this “post” and realize that day in October was almost identical to my day today.

Without further ado, here’s how I got through the anxiety back in October, and again today.

Some days, like today, I have regressive thoughts that bring me to question why I suddenly believe in Jesus. For the greater part of my life, I didn’t. What’s of note is that those years were empty and left me wanting something more.

I had countless meaningless relationships with girls I barely knew. My friendships were fleeting at best. By repenting, I left all of this behind. Not only am I stronger, but more at peace because of that decision.

What’s more, I’m not alone.

couple laying in the field anxiety relief

I will always have support, even if it’s not from a tangible being. Eliminating these regressive thoughts is very important, and I can only pray for help in doing so.

This journey will not be easy. My daily experiences and regular reminders from fellow followers remind me of that often. The blessing is that I now have the strength to overcome.

Nothing is easy, nor will anything be perfectly laid out for you. With effort on your part, this, too shall pass.

Moment of Anxiety

My ride home from work is a suitable example. Two “big item” events hit me one after the next. One item would cost a great deal of time, and the other a great deal of money.

This kind of stress typically sends me spiraling for days. However, today – after a quick moment of screaming at my steering wheel – I prayed. I asked for the ability to follow the right path to financial stability. After the screaming outburst, I also knew to ask for the strength to deal with stressful situations with more poise.

Here I am, shortly after an angry, emotional breakdown relieved of nearly all anxiety. How? Well, instead of sinking deeper into negativity, I thought out action steps. I broke each issue into pieces to figure out a solution.

The result?

I’m writing this with peace in my heart, knowing all will be well. Sometimes, stressful situations can get the better of you. That feeling of hopelessness does not have to last! Challenge yourself to deal with the issue head-on rather than running from it and hiding behind self-pity and anger.

You always have someone in your corner. If you don’t yet believe that Jesus is that somebody, know that you can always reach out to me for help. How do you battle daily anxiety?


By Chris Rivera from December 19, 2019